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Who we are

About us

Lightberg Studios believes in making the world a better place. Values drive us to create something greater than ourselves. These values are meant to provide a platform where innovative filmmakers and musicians can give free rein to their creativity. The art of storytelling is our craft. We are active in the areas of film, streaming, animation, sound and music. We produce on our own as well as on behalf of third parties. From production to the finished end product, we offer values full, effective and creative solutions.


Values and ideas drive life. A world without values is a worthless world. It is only through values that our existence on planet earth acquires meaning. We develop the ability to hold on to things that are greater than ourselves, things that will continue after our life and were already there before our existence. The creed of life expresses itself in a world in which every living being on our planet earth has infinite value.

A world in which we approach each other and talk to each other instead of fighting each other. Religion, race, color, ideology and nation do not matter to us, because we are united by life. After all, we are all inhabitants of the world. Freedom is the basis on which we human beings can decide without coercion which path to take and why.

Evil has always claimed that there is only their truth and that everything that thinks differently, lives differently and acts differently must be destroyed. We believe that art, film and music are a means to defeat these ideas. Dictators have always claimed that only their way of thinking and their way of living is true. However, history has taught us that David the free, Goliath will defeat the dictator.

Victory is always on the side of truth. This truth is universal and includes everyone without excluding others. People have always thought differently and lived differently. This will always be the case. Exactly these different colors make our lives so beautiful. A world in which there is only black and white is gray. Only to get to know other ways of thinking, religions, lifestyles and nations make life so tasty.


Production Team

Ferdaus Mohtasebzada

Director / Director

Andy Long

Action Director / Actor

Mohammad Suner Arabbay

Director / Director