Published projects


Own productions


2019: Lightberg Studios was founded. From now on, feature films will be produced in-house.


2014: Numerous videos with entertaining and educational content are made available on all streaming platforms.


A team of four produces music in the genres of hip hop, electro, pop, classic.


Aiming to connect people under universal values, we create animated films and short films. It is the newest and most attractive craft of our modern age.

Project Eagle Feature Film

Project Eagle is a German action film. Good against evil. Rammy and Danny are two contract thieves who have only one thing on their minds: The exit. Between them and the long-awaited peace lies one last mission: find the box! From one last challenge heralds the most significant phase of their lives. Persecution, betrayal, hopelessness and the pure desire for the box lead them on a journey of change. Hendriks, Wagner and their system of hate seem invincible. Will freedom, love and change be enough to defeat evil?

Life is Great 3D short film

"Life is Great" is about a wealthy family of three. The father dies due to cancer and with him the family's financial security. They lose their large luxurious villa, barely make ends meet and are literally crushed by a mountain of debt. While the mother mourns the past and falls more and more into a deep hole, the daughter tries, as her father taught her, to make the best out of every situation. Throughout the short film, the parallels and the influence of the different mindsets should be shown. Focus on what you can influence, not what is outside of your influence. Nearly 60 people, from all kinds of countries and continents, worked on this short film to make this story a reality. This is Life is Great!

Project Eagle

The creative team

4 years of preparatory work. 73 man. The patience and dedication have created many new friends.

Mohammad Suner Arabbay

Director / Director

Ferdaus Mohtasebzada

Director / Director

Jama Kava

Executive Producer